Beyond fashion trends, we love to sign basic, versatile, and affordable garments to be able to combine them with everything we have in our closet. A beige raincoat, blue jeans, a black jacket … And white Women’s T-shirts. They never go out of style, they are elegant, wearable, and suitable for any occasion. This season, they have taken over the best street style looks and the ones that know the most about fashion combine them with EVERYTHING. We tell you how to wear them to get a chic look, trendy and not boring. Ready?


If you still don’t have a white Women’s T-shirts in your closet, we don’t know what you’re waiting for. The options to combine it are endless!

  • The combination that never fails? A white shirt and blue or black jeans. If you don’t know what to wear to go to work, with this outfit you will never fail. To look more groomed, you can go for high-heeled shoes or an elegant handbag.
  • Are you going to party? Your white shirt will add a very chic and sophisticated touch to any mini skirt. Opt for ankle boots or high-heeled boots to look more stylish, and ready.
  • Wide leg pants are very popular this season and we couldn’t be happier, because they hide the real width of the leg and are very flattering. Those who know more about fashion combine them with their white shirts and flat boots. Get inspired by them!
  • The good thing about white shirts is that they will combine very well with your midi skirts. To go to the office, choose a tighter one and finish the look with some heels. To go out to party, bet on a more fashionable model and combine it with high-heeled sandals. You will succeed for sure!

With midi skirt and heels

A white shirt will go well with a midi skirt  and heels. A perfect option to go to work or to go to dinner with friends.

With baggy jeans

A minimalist outfit  and very easy to recreate, but it always works wonderfully. You only need flared jeans , preferably black or blue, and a white shirt. That easy.

With full color skirts and ‘cowboy’ boots

That cowboy boots  are more fashionable than ever is a proven fact. They go very well with full-color skirts and white shirts. And if you don’t believe us, check out this look.

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