There are a couple of common mistakes that individuals make when they are cleaning their sunglasses. Listed below are some of these mistakes. Make sure to finish reading this article to avoid them.

Avoid certain materials

Shirt fabric, tissues, and paper towels might seem like the easiest fix for dirties or smudged lenses. But according to experts, people need to use soft lens cloths made from materials like microfibers, the kind that comes with the eyepiece when they first bought them. 

The most common blunder is individuals using paper towels or tissues to remove dirt from lenses for cleaning these things. These materials too rough and can cause scratches to develop on the lens’s surface. In the long run, the lens can lose its clarity.

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Do not use products with acetone

Another mistake people usually make when cleaning their sunglasses is using acetone or nail polish remover to clean frames and lenses. It is not a good idea because it is pretty destructive to both plastic glass frames and lenses if left on the surface for too long.

Saliva does not clean lenses

When people are desperate to get rid of dirt or smudge on their sunglasses, it might seem like a great idea to use their own saliva to help remove dirt and smudges. It is not a good idea as they are just covering their lenses with bacteria from their mouth. There is a good chance that these bacteria can multiply. From a practical point of view, saliva can make the dirt or smudge look worse than before.

When to have the sunglasses professionally cleaned

Ophthalmologists, eyeglass retailers, and optometrists offer professional cleaning services. People can bring their eyepieces at retailer shops where they purchased them for a free cleaning. Suppose eyewear like Dita glasses has oily buildups around the nose or ears that do not go away after washing them or noticed repeated breakouts on their nose or around their ears where the sunglasses touch their face. 

In that case, professional services might be the perfect solution for that problem. It is also worth asking these professionals for a cleaning session each time individuals get their eyepiece adjustments or when they go for their annual eye examination. If people need help finding an excellent eye professional in their area, they can check out the National Eye Institute for some recommendations.

The best way to store eyewear

Throwing these things into the nightstand or the travel bag without protection is a recipe for smudging and scratching. Storing these things safely and securely is as important as cleaning them the right way if people want to make them last for a long time. If you are on the go, always make sure to store them in a hardshell case. 

These containers are readily available at some drugstores and optical retailers, where people got their eyewear. If putting them in hinged hard cases is not an option, soft pocket-style cases can do wonders in a pinch, as long as the glasses are properly secured in a zippered pocket of the suitcase, handbag, or briefcase.

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