What is the cheapest way to buy gold?

Buy gold, they say! It might be easy to find a bullion dealer Brisbane but the question that plagues most people is that whether they can afford to buy bullion go begin with. What is even more exasperating is that what you end up paying might not be the same […]

Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

Ancient Egyptian jewelry has fascinated many people simply for its intricacies of design and for the beautiful use of color used in the different pieces often displayed. However, it is fascinating to discover that not only were the ancient Egyptians concerned with creating eye-catching, detailed work but they also used […]

Opal Jewelry – Necklace

Opal Jewelry is available in an excellent number of kinds of. What we should mean by ‘types’ is there are a minimum of three types of opal gem based in the outback of Australia in three fundamental areas. South Australia, NSW, and Queensland. But this isn’t a geography lesson. The […]