It’s Spring 2020! It’s been a rough winter, and many of us have been affected by the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Plus-Size-Clothing wishes all their customers and loved ones good health and for those who were ill, a speedy recovery. Now that the weather has started to warm up, what better way to cheer up than by shopping for your summer wardrobe? The sun is out and the flowers are in bloom, both outside in the garden and right here at Plus- Size-Clothing.

Now that we are slowly beginning to come out of our cocoons, it’s time to get dressed! Plus-Size-Clothing is introducing their new Spring-Summer 2020 fashion collection, and be the first to discover it online

Check out our gorgeous new selection of floral designs and prints. Maxi dresses are still a hit, and make every figure look fabulous with wrap-around ties and belts. If shorter hemlines are your thing, then knee-length sundresses are for you. Both styles- long and short- are available in floral prints and designs, in a range of colors, from pale pastels to bold flowers. Plus-Size-Clothing also has a great selection of bathing suits (yes, floral bathing suits!) for an afternoon at the beach or pool club, and of course you’ll need a matching robe and sundress for an evening walk to see the sun set over the sea.


Looking for something cool, lightweight, and airy? How about a blouse or tunic, matched up with a pair of light blue jeans or white cotton pants? Zip-up collars are back and Plus-Size-Clothing has them. There are also stretchy round-neck and boat-neck tops which you can wear with fun skirts, from denim to florals and more. Casual wear can become elegant in a flash, so feel free to mix and match our summer tops with skirts, shorts, pants, or jeans. We also have jumpsuits (rompers) to throw on in the morning and instantly feel “dressed”!

Smart, casual, elegant. Fashion is for anyone and everyone, for all sizes and body types. The most important thing is to make sure one’s clothing fits well and looks good. And when you look good, you know you will feel good too, and be more productive in your daily routine. Shop Plus-Size-Clothing for your entire wardrobe, and don’t let anyone tell you how you’re supposed to look. Trust your instincts and come out of that shell. You’re beautiful, inside and out, and it’s time to show it!

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