The past year brought on an unanticipated setback for people across the world. Yet, it is times of such adversity that show to the world what tough people are made of. Indeed, at a time when perseverance is the key, global watch-making brand Timex, the company that ‘takes a licking and keeps on ticking’ has chosen to evolve, as always. Reflecting this very outlook and giving it a present-day post-pandemic update, Timex has launched its new brand campaign ‘WE DON’T STOPTM’.

As the world grapples with new uncertainties and confusion, Timex watchmakers’ new brand slogan WE DON’T STOPTM takes on a whole new meaning, that better expresses the outlook and mind-set of the company in the 21st century and all those out there who are taking the licking and choosing to keep on ticking, no matter what obstacle they are facing in reaching their goals.

With that in view, Timex has unveiled its new creative for #WEDON’TSTOP featuring notable change makers from different parts of the world, cutting across race, gender, age, who have displayed their resilience and inspire others to keep moving and keep hustling till the goal is achieved. The brand campaign has been launched in collaboration with #TOGETHERBAND to further the “We Don’t StopTM ” mission and take it to a new level.

#TOGETHERBAND is spearheaded by the British luxury sustainable brand BOTTLETOP, which is dedicated to sustainable design and creative culture. Started on World Earth Day in 2019, this campaign has reached more than 1.8 million people since then, to drive awareness for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and raise funds to help achieve their goals. These 17 goals include ending extreme poverty, protecting the seas, fighting climate change, and ensuring gender equality and good health.

#TOGETHERBAND’s mission is to create a positively engaged global community to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. This mission is not over yet and there is still a lot more to be done. The TIMEX Group is joining forces with the #TOGETHERBAND campaign with its brand’s new slogan #WE DON’T STOP to engage their audience with the Sustainable Development Goals, encouraging them to take action and not stop till the goal is achieved by the 2030 target date. TIMEX Group has also donated funds to the #TOGETHERBAND campaign, to meet these goals that are critical for the future of our planet.

The Timex campaign’s video is overlaid with a special rendition of “Don’t Stop Me Now” by the long famous rock music band Queen, which is a perfect encapsulation of what the campaign is all about. It conveys a message of hope and resilience as many around the world, from governments to citizens, continue to persevere in the face of difficult circumstances. It also shows that Timex, the brand, is ready for whatever comes next. Most importantly, it visualizes a future where people can be brought together again, to achieve a common mission and celebrate each other’s achievements.

For more than a century, Timex has been breaking ground in the watch-making industry with innovative solutions and bold new ideas for the ever-changing times, making it one of the best watch brands for men and women. The new WE DON’T STOP platform symbolizes the continuity of that outlook, championing the indomitable spirit of everyday heroes that embody “We Don’t Stop” in everything they do.

With a legacy of over 150 years in watch-making, Timex Group designs manufactures, and markets innovational timepieces around the world that have made their mark in design, durability, and functionality. If you are looking to buy branded watches online, you should have a look at the irrepressible Timex collection.

We did not stop after the pandemic, and we won’t in the future either. Yet, that does not mean we forget to take lessons from each obstacle. What that means is that we take the next step more conscientiously so that we can continue to learn and adapt, grow and collaborate. With that in view, Timex has joined hands with #TOGETHERBAND in its latest campaign, to drive awareness for a global campaign already underway. It is dedicated to creating a more equitable, peaceful, and sustainable future for all with the message- ‘WE DON’T STOP’ until this goal is achieved.


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