Various items of clothing generally have been in use for centuries and have been used for a number of reasons some of which are to cover nakedness, protection from harsh weather and of course, for beautification and glamour. Clothing trends have seen a lot of changes as the world evolves and so has the materials used to make them.
One such material is leather. It is a highly durable and flexible material made by tanning the raw hide of animals. Most especially cow skin although it can be made from other animal skins. Leather comes in different forms due to the tanning process. Recently there has been a production of artificial leather made from synthetic materials.
Another trendy material is fur. The fur is gotten from the furry animal hide with wide hair distribution around their body and has been one of the earliest clothing which has found its way back into a fashion trend. Furs are considered to be highly fashionable and trendy. To get a sneak peek at classy and quality fur clothing, you can visit While leather is obtained from animal skin, fur is made from the hair of furry animals.
In the process of obtaining leather, the animal has to be killed and this has been frowned upon by some organizations dealing with animal rights. This might be a turn off to animal lovers. The fur on the other hand can be obtained from an animal without necessarily harming the animal depending on the type of fur.
Leather is very susceptible to change in temperature and weather in climates where there is a vast difference between the summer heat and the winter cold. This can rapidly increase the wear and tear of the clothing while fur with proper care can last a lifetime which is cost-efficient as you do not need to replace the clothing often.
If you live in a very cold climate, you might need to purchase fur clothing as they are a very sure way of keeping warm in the winter. Fur clothing definitely provides more warmth when compared with leather clothing. Aria-Moda fur allows the skin to breathe while at the same time provide and conserve warmth. The fur is mother nature’s response to winter and nothing can be warmer than fur coats.
Leather although flexible is not exactly a soft material which can make it quite uncomfortable. At, you can purchase soft textured furs that make you warm, comfortable, and happy. Furs are a lot more comfortable compared to leather clothing.
When exposed to high temperatures or other unfavorable weather, leather clothing has the tendency to shrink. Shrinkage can also occur when the clothing is laundered. Fur clothing remains as good as new even after cleaning making them more durable and long-lasting. Fur products are a lot more versatile compared to leather clothing. Fur coats can be worn with any other type of clothing and they have a wider variety and range of colors to choose from. With new technologies that make fur lightweight, some furs might even be worn all year round and not only during the winter season. Due to its durability, fur clothing can be recycled and redesigned according to your taste and desire. Fur clothing is classy and sophisticated and will never be out of style.
Aria Moda fur coats will keep you cozy, comfortable, and stylish all year round. Visit to get yours now!

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