It is very usual especially in Asian weddings that the bride and groom don’t have much of a choice to decide the venue. Usually in western weddings there is a range of choice that the couple to be can make but in eastern there is not much of a choice for them. There should be some things that only the to be wed color should decide like the wedding venue, it might be there dream to do it somewhere and if you want to do it in specific place then it’s your right.

You can also decide these things as a couple and if the venue is not available then there is always an option to change the date. So it is basically good to print your Indian wedding cards after the venue is decided. Usually these weddings takes place in the prayer houses of their host so no special venue is needed for the main day but there is special need of booking a hall for the day of reception.

There is always time to distribute your Indian wedding cards and don’t be afraid that these are too much to do so. You will get plenty of time to decide everything and with peaceful mind things can be done in most easy way. Then the wedding dress, in Indian wedding it is a usual practice that the family gives and decide what the bride and groom should wear.

 Again this is also your choice to make and this should be made with elegance. If you know the budget and the rate which your families can support then don’t go for any kind of designer and expensive wears. There is also another problem that is related with the trend of going to expensive parlors and a few are there which seem to justify the rate they take. If you can earn then earn a little extra for your marriage and spend it, and celebrate it like the way you want it to be.

There are many kind of people out of which two kinds are dominating some are social and some are anti- social, a problem the social one face is that too much guests. Obviously there is a range of people in your life; it is your decision to make who are important and who are not. There is also another problem that is related to the wedding arrangement and the sitting arrangement.

There is also a suggestion that you can get ready at the wedding venue and save the time to get into and out of the hall. You can get your beautician to the hall and pay her a little extra if that is possible. Wedding songs should also be your choice to make, off course there is a range of songs that you and your spouse likes so it shouldn’t be kept quiet because you are shy to say something. It is your wedding and the choice is all yours to make and receive Wedding wishes.

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