Martinique Backpacker. What a dream wedding in this ice land. Coming to the Caribbean Volcanic landscapes, rain forests, sugarcane plantations, idyllic bays and French lifestyle – the Antilles island of Martinique is a true dream destination of Caribbean tourism.
Unfortunately, something “expensive”.

Martinique is the southernmost of the French Antilles, separating the Caribbean Sea from the open Atlantic. It lies between the independent islands of Dominica in the north and Saint

 Lucia in the south. The Indian name of the island ‘Madeline’ means ‘flower island’ and refers to one of the most distinctive features of the island: the lush vegetation on fertile ground.

In the mountainous north rises with 1,397 meters, the highest mountain on the island, the still active volcano Montaigne Pelée. From here, tropical rain forests stretch down to the flatter south, where most of the resorts are today best place for wedding.

Ubiquitous in the coastal regions are the large acreage for sugar cane, bananas and pineapple. The fertile soil of Martinique has made the island a bone of contention between the European colonial powers France and England in the past.

In 1762 it was even so valuable to the French that they ceded several possessions in Canada, Senegal, St. Vincent and Tobago to the English only for the preservation of Martinique.

It seems history as if one knew for what: One year later (1763) one of the most famous women in French history was born in Martinique ; The beautiful Creole Marie Joseph Rose Tascher de la Pagerie, who after her marriage with Napoleon Bonaparte as Imperative Josephine I. Empress of all French.

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