What kind of lifestyle do you follow?

Do you consider yourself as being young? Do you have sometimes these kinds of thoughts whether you are capable and in good fit for certain activities or if they suit you age and social position?

Does your health condition worry you?

Any wellness concerns?

The famous French writer, Victor Hugo said that forty is the old age of youth and fifty is the youth of old age.

In our childhood we wanted to grow up fast, do things that adults do and not being told what to do anymore. Health, fit and wellness were not at the top of our concern.

Now that we are matured enough and can we control our action, we have the option to choose and we’d like to do it better. There’s no way to go back and no other way but to do it better.

Most people at the age of fifty-plus are looking for their wellness. They may, or should I say might, face common familial challenges either supporting their offspring or their elderly parents nearby or longing to see their chicks that just left their nest looking for their destiny.

Some may have more time for leisure and are looking for alternatives; others might face some medical worries…

Fifty-plus community is growing, no doubt, as medicine develops and people are more aware to their health condition, wellness and fit and looking for the most suitable lifestyle.

Life expectancy is up and the estimated lifespan in the U.S. is up to 77.5-80 (CIA World Facebook 2008 Estimates for Life Expectancy at birth). Estimated over 25% of the entire 300 million U.S. populations are over 50 now.

There are more needs and more demand for quality life and healthier products to keep us in good shape and fit as fifty-plus is no more considered as old.

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