Lifestyle Chill 8 features tracks from leading pod safe artist including Karma coda, Vanessa Davao, Mos hang, The Love Spirals, Astral Waves, Polished Chrome, Dr Awkward, The Arm Chair Architects, Dive Index, Zen Lemonade, Soul phonic Sound system and Sunburn in Cyprus. For a full list of tracks including details of where we sourced them, check out our website at lifestyle chill.

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Lifestyle Chill 13 has greater down tempo sounds for you to chill out and relax to. We welcome 2009 with some laid back chill out sounds, from some of the best chill out artist on the net, including tracks from General Fuzz, Under, Big La and lots more.

vague, often melancholic lyrics, agreeably catchy melodies, warm sounds with a hint of something darker hidden in Jean Tirane distinctive, almost innocent vocal delivery. They comprise singer Jean Triangle and keyboard player Em anon Flynn. They hail from San Francisco although Em anon is originally from Dublin, Ireland. Along the way they bring in other people to flesh out their sound.

Their forthcoming debut full length release will feature contributions from many great musicians including Canadian electronic artist Milo-sh and former Kronos Quartet cellist Joan Jean Renault. Behind it all though is a meeting of minds between two people whose tastes seem to effortlessly overlap. They released their debut EP in late 2006, a remix of their song ‘Under” by Morgan Page was featured on CBS Friday night show ‘Moonlight’, and they are presently finishing up work on their debut album.

he EP One day where electronic arrangements appeared naturally published in June 2004 was sold out within a few months. Several compilations in various countries such as France, Germany, China and the United States have added to their track list a jewel ‘made in’ SHINE. Inspired song writing serves Hanane Lara Ki’s sensual Moroccan voice invited on their debut album.

Shine blends references and harmoniously mixes styles (pop, soul, folk, trip-hop, world…) letting various influences merge, creating simple, yet sophisticated compositions that resemble to no other.

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