For everyone, the Wedding day is sought to be the most crucial one. And why this is so? Well, the time needs to be perfect and the choice of the wedding dress and jewelry makes it all the more hopscotch. You need to select a perfect fabric according to the season around and your comfort quotient.

 It is the day of new hopes, dreams and of course, unstoppable fashion. And during this time, Banarasi plays a quintessential role where you can spot 85% of the mass is wearing Banarasi sarees. Has it ever stroked you, why it is the most pick out selection during the wedding time? Let’s pour down a little more to the anticipations of every woman with main reasons of Banarasi saree being the major hit:

Superior Texture:

Obviously, the fabric plays a very important role in this case when it comes to the wedding attire, saree or lehenga. It will make feel comfortable all day long and also propagate the bridal glare of yours. Banarasi silk saree is the most prominent pick among the Bengali brides due to its fabric and the humid environment. The saree reflects the inner attitude of yours because it features lustrous texture and sense of style of the wearer as well.

Available In Vibrant Colors:

The sarees are available in vivacious colors, hues and patterns. Even if you buy Banarasi sarees online you will get many types of hues and shades in a single piece. Wear the happiest colour such as red, maroon, bright yellow, orange, pink, and peach on your D-day and grab oodles of compliments from the peers. Pick out a vibrant, majestic and effervescent selection from the premium line of Banarasi sarees.

Embellishments & Patterns:

The wedding Banarasi sarees are available in various embellishments and designs. These sarees are also fashioned in South Indian weddings as well. It perfectly accentuates the bridal flavor.

From pretty sequins at the border to zardosi embellishments, beads, thread work, zari and stones, in South Indian marriages, you can spot online Kerala sarees inspired by Banarasi sarees. Choose your D-day saree wisely and from the bottom of your heart.


Obviously, the heart comes with a heart tag! Wedding saree is no exception. As we know that wedding is a lifetime affair but the D-day comes only once. So, make a blast on that day and celebrate it with a gorgeous pick from the selection of India Rush. Don’t worry, the budget will definitely suit your pocket and will never make you feel bankrupt.

The starting range of a decent Banarasi Wedding saree starts from 5000 and can go up to 80 K. Isn’t this tag bringing a smile on your face?

So, cheer up ladies and bring this pretty piece for your ethnic wardrobe.

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