Your wedding resembles your bond and the love you share. It also signifies that you believe in the institution of marriage. This means that you need a long-lasting and comfortable ring that resembles your relationship. The ring should also blend well with your personality and lifestyle.

You are likely to wear your wedding band almost every day and don’t want a single scratch on it. Besides, you need the ring to be delivered before your wedding day.

Recently, there is an increase in demand for tungsten rings. These rings suit almost every personality and can be worn daily. This ring can easily grab the attention of an onlooker.

While purchasing your wedding ring there are a lot of questions in your mind. Some of them are answered here-

What metal to choose?

There are varied metal options like gold, rose gold, diamonds, copper, etc. for your wedding band. However, good-quality tungsten cannot replace any other metal. You can search online for different shops and portals that offer you such rings. You get to view a wide array of rings to choose from. Some of the online portals allow you to book rings online.

The cost of your wedding band should not dig a hole in your pocket. This means that you need to search for an affordable wedding band. There are instances wherein couples are paying off their wedding ring instalments until their first wedding anniversary. Avoid such a situation by picking an inexpensive wedding band.

That’s yet another reason why you need to pick a tungsten wedding band. They fit well within your budget and you will never regret choosing tungsten. Tungsten happens to be the most preferred choice for men’s wedding bands.

As compared to tungsten, gold happens to be less durable. Although the gold carvings and engravings look beautiful the intricate designs get easily damaged.

If you check out certain reliable portals, then you will realize that they offer innovative and exclusive designs in tungsten wedding bands as well. There are contemporary black tungsten wedding bands that go well with your office wear, party wear and even for vacations.

You can skimp through the finite list of tungsten wedding bands and choose a comfortable ring. Some of the portals also offer matching tungsten rings for man and wife. This way, you can have twinning rings and at a reasonable price.

It has been observed that gold and silver rings need polish after a few years. But, tungsten wedding bands don’t lose their shine and you are saved from this additional cost. Tungsten doesn’t get easily damaged, even when exposed to hard surfaces. This means that it is safe to wear these rings daily.


Perks of purchasing a tungsten wedding band

Tungsten rings have turned out to be a style statement of the year! They have a perfect blend of traditional and modern elements. This contemporary look has increased its demand in the market.

Discussed here are a few perks of these beautiful ring-



When you wear a gold or diamond ring, you have to be careful with them. You cannot perform your daily chores with them on your ring finger. The design, shine and texture is likely to get ruined when worn daily.

However, this doesn’t happen with tungsten. Tungsten is a durable metal and hence tungsten bands can be worn regularly. You can clean utensils with them on your finger and it will shine the same. If your hand gets banged with the metro door, then also it will remain intact.



Tungsten wedding bands are available in different sizes and hence you don’t have to worry about getting a ring for your size. A few online portals also offer the provision to get the right size. This way, you don’t have to fear getting the wrong ring size.

A perfect and comfortable fit is a must for your wedding ring. Tungsten can provide you this and you will be at complete ease. Tungsten wedding bands are not only available in varied sizes but also in colors. The choice of color and the shine is completely on you. The recent black textured designs in tungsten bands are quite popular.



As compared to other metals, tungsten is pretty light-weight. This makes it easier for you to wear them daily. You don’t feel them as an additional burden to your finger. You enjoy the sleek finish and fine polish of your ring whenever you touch it.



Above all, tungsten is the best choice for people who are allergic to diamond, gold or any other metal. Tungsten doesn’t activate any allergic reaction and can be worn regularly to work, vacations, and parties.

People with sensitive skin are less likely to suffer through skin irritation or rashes. The smooth interiors and fine finish prevent skin allergy. Besides, they are easy to remove in case of an emergency. Tungsten happens to be the best choice for wedding rings. 

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