What is a black pearl?

They are one of the most expensive pearls all over the world and can be worn for any occasion. Tahitian pearls are the only ones that get naturally dark black color. They range in different color, which is from dark black, grayish black to glittery green.  They are made in Pinctada Magaritifera pearl Oyster.

Tahitian pearls are rarely created and because of their rarity, finding two pearls with similar shape and luster is a challenging task. These black pearls retain elegance despite of having different characteristics.

How to choose the black Pearls?

Pearl Grading

They are graded in two different ways. The first one is the AAA-A and the second one is A-D system. This is also called as the Tahitian system. The perfect pearl will be rated as AAA in the Tahitian system.  They will have perfect round shape, now visible flaws and high shine and luster.

There are some good pearls which will be rated as AA and also B and C in the system.  These might have small surface defects, and might not be in the round shape, but when processed and used for jewelry, they will look flawless.

Types of Jewelry you select

Black pearls will come in many different jewelry designs. Black Pearl necklaces are very famous. However, you can choose whatever you like to wear, it can be necklace, earrings or Square Knot Friendship Bracelets.


Black Pearls can be costly, and thus it is better that you to have a set price in your mind when you are looking for a black pearl. Although these are huge investment, but are worth your time, money and effort.

Methods for looking after your Black Pearls

Soaking the pearls in the water to clean them can damage them. If done on regular basis, these will start eroding. White pearls will clearly show signs of dirt when compared to black pearls.

Clean your pearls with a wet cloth. Ensure that you do not use any soap or detergent.

It is recommended that you use olive oil to clean the pearls. This will retain its shine and ensure there are not scratches.

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